A win for Filmmakers

A win for Investors

A win for Subscribers

AVOD Powered by DEFI

A 21st Century Entertainment Alternative for Filmmaker, Investor, and Viewer


Earn a 50% split on Ad revenue. Realtime payment processing in EVR, ETH, BTC, USDT, or traditional quarterly. Worldwide distribution plus regional with Industry partners. Greenlight your film for production based on the Evertell governance model if selected.


Providing liquidity for film loans and receive a shared interest. Once you've joined an Evertell Film Pool you can add liquidity and determine your own risk. Providing liquidity gives you shared interest per diem. Actual percentage determined by length liquidity is locked and amount provided. Example, providing liquidity for ETH/USDT trading pair you receive a share of fees generation from that pair. MIN/MAX of EVR is determined on a per film project basis.


Subscribers will earn an aggregate amount of EVR tokens based on the total particpating Ads they have viewed throughout their viewing experience which they may redeem on select film titles, exchange on demand with any token pair listed, or enter any active liquidity pool.


Evertell film projects will be handled based on the stake based governance model. For every EVR coin you stake on an Evertell film project you gain 1 vote. Once Evertell creates a film proposal users will be able to stake their coins on the platform and confirm their vote. For a proposal to pass it must be supported by a number set in the MIN/MAX of the Evertell production budget proposal. Failure to receive required votes within 60 days will result in a denial of that particular film proposal.


Evertell Road Map

Portfolio Management

Account Portfolio - Manage your portfolio across multiple accounts.
Non-Custodial - Retain assets ownership and manage your investments in a single place.
Real-Time - Track your assets in real-time with live price update.
Ledger - Secure delegating and redelegating under your control.